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DJ Khaled is throwing a music festival on a cruise ship because he loves you

Screenshot: YouTube

DJ Khaled is a big, crazy, excited man, a person of unfathomable wealth who truly, deeply wants the best for you. When he yells “we the best!” (as is his wont) he is speaking comprehensively: you, listener, join him, DJ Khaled, in being a part of the best. Every listener is a part of DJ Khaled’s family of best people. And so his recently announced Summerfest Cruise, taking place across July 4 weekend on a cruise ship in the Caribbean and featuring a murderer’s row of popular rappers including Future, A$AP Rocky, Lil Wayne, Migos, and more, should be viewed as an act of love.

Revelers will disembark from Miami on a Friday evening, stop in Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas, and be back home Monday morning to begin the long process of sobering up and learning to live apart from DJ Khaled again.

“They don’t want us to be on a cruise—so we are going on the most major cruise the world has ever seen,” he says in the press release accompanying the announcement, and, in varying construction, in the absolutely amped promotional video above. And it’s true: this is an act of sabotage, only DJ Khaled is inviting you to join in. Why would he do that? Because he loves you. Cabin prices range from $721 to $1279 per person, which is a low price to pay for the opportunity to look directly upon the face of DJ Khaled himself as he provides you the major keys to your success, as well as directions to the volleyball court (there is a volleyball court on the boat). You can stop playing yourself and start finding more details about the event here.


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