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Remember the Dixie Chicks, the group of outspoken country songstresses who were unfairly sidelined by their industry for daring to get just a little political? Since making their disapproval of George W. Bush public back in 2003, the women have weathered substantial backlash and were later resigned to a forced respite from making new music, with the exception of some incredible performances throughout (including a collaboration with Beyonce at the 2016 CMAs). But they’ve been preparing for their comeback over the past few years and today, per Billboard, the trio consisting of Natalie Maines, Emily Robison, and Martie Maguire has returned to the spotlight in grand fashion by releasing the official video for “Gaslighter.” It’s the titled track to their previously announced eighth studio LP. Produced by Jack Antonoff, Gaslighter will be their first album in 14 years.


Never ones to pull punches, “Gaslighter” is a riff-heavy barn-burner about a toxic lover, citing the villain’s empty promises and repeated lies. The lyrics are an incendiary call-out to the person who, as one graphic reads amid retro images, “picked the wrong chick”: “You’re such a gaslighter, denier/ Doin’ anything to get your ass farther/ Gaslighter, big timer/ Repeating all of the mistakes of your father.” The track was inspired largely by Maines’ real-life divorce, which has resulted in a lengthy legal battle. The boisterous harmonies and unflinchingly forward lyrics signal a return-to-form for the group as well as a promising slate of new tunes.

Gaslighter drops on May 1, but for now, check out the video below.

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