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Divorce doesn’t seem to get any easier in the latest trailer for the HBO comedy's third season

Divorce season two wrapped up in a fairly final way last year, with Sarah Jessica Parker’s Frances all alone as her kids embark a trip to Europe with their dad, Robert (Thomas Haden Church), and new girlfriend Jackie (Becki Newton). Sure, Diane (Molly Shannon)’s husband, Nick (Tracy Letts), had been carted off to prison and Dallas (Talia Balsam) appeared to be contemplating a fling with a younger guy, but our main character, at least, appeared to be in a happy place.


It would have made for a fine finale, but the show was renewed for a third season, and Frances’ happy place appears to have disappeared. It looks like she’s losing that gorgeous house, for one thing, and moving to the city proper (apparently low-traffic gallery owners don’t make gobs of money). As Nick is still in prison, Diane is listing her manse as well, and will have to crash with her at the new pad. Frances’ son Tom doesn’t want to go to college, and Jackie seems to have replaced Frances completely in Robert’s life. Fortunately, Frances also has a new love interest, with James Lesure as Henry (sadly, this probably means Jemaine Clement is gone for good).

Divorce’s third season will also introduce its third showrunner with Liz Tuccillo taking over for Jenny Bicks, and a shorter episode run of six instead of 10. We’ll see how this all plays out when season three kicks off on HBO on July 1.

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