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Diversity-hungry Oscar voters perk up as Kathryn Bigelow announces new film

Good news for Oscar voters looking to shore up their “not just white men” bona fides: The Hurt Locker and Point Break helmer Kathryn Bigelow—the only female director ever to be certified “Best” by the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences—has put a new movie into production. As reported by Variety, Bigelow is working on a true crime drama centered in Detroit, exactly the sort of movie that aging cinematographers can point to in a few years and say, “See? I liked that one. Now leave me alone.”

Bigelow will be directing the as-yet-untitled new movie from a script by her frequent collaborator Mark Boal. Boal—who’s probably best known at the moment as the guy talking to Bowe Bergdahl in the taped interviews that make up much of the second season of Serialwrote the screenplays for Bigelow’s last two films, The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty. He and Bigelow were reportedly working on a film about Bergdahl’s case; that’s now been pushed back in favor of this new project, centered on riots that swept through the Motor City in 1967.


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