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Dive in to “1000 Realities” from the new album from Geronimo!

Across its two full-length albums Chicago’s Geronimo! has served as the Midwest’s noisier answer to The Thermals. On its forthcoming album Cheap Trick (a nod to its Rockford roots by way of the city’s power-pop heroes) the band pushes the limits of its power trio format. As the previously released “Mr. President” proved, Geronimo! isn’t afraid to let its noise-rock influences take the wheel without losing the ability to toss in vocal melodies that sound as if they were cribbed from Hutch Harris.

Cheap Trick will be released by Exploding In Sound on May 13, and The A.V. Club has a premiere of the album’s second track, “1000 Realities,” below. Though it is less maniacal than “Mr. President,” its closing breakdown recalls Shellac, proving that with Cheap Trick the Chicago band is working to mix a noisy, indie rock cocktail all its own.


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