Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Donald Trump remains bizarrely obsessed with his former political opponent Hillary Clinton, frequently calling her out and attacking her on Twitter, despite the fact that—like it or not—it’s now been seven months since he beat Clinton in the 2016 election, and it might be time to move on and try to actually lead the country. Just today, Trump lashed out at the former secretary of state on Twitter, demanding to know why he’s been under such harsh investigation for potential Russian collusion, rather than her and her family. (“Because you’re the one who’s president, you petty orange tyrant” apparently not having been brought up as a potential motivation for the heightened scrutiny.)


Trump’s ongoing obsession was apparently so annoying that it brought one of Clinton’s old Twitter accounts back from the grave, with @TheBriefing2016—a meme-heavy official account devoted to refuting Trump’s various campaign falsehoods—making its first tweet tonight since November 7, 2016. And while the Clinton camp’s use of social media never had quite the same “screaming edgelord shitpost” fervor as Trump’s, The Briefing’s response to Trump’s continual political priapism was honestly kind of perfect: