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Distract yourself from the misery of life by buying stuff from the Mad Men set

Mad Men always walked a fine line between criticism and examination of the era in which it took place, and stark fetishization of its fashions and style. But while fine lines are…uh…fine while a show’s on the air, once it’s over, the power of nostalgia is always going to win out. (And if a show already had a backwards-looking nostalgic component, well, nobody’s beating double-nostalgia.) So fans of the show are going to want to count their pennies for this recently announced ScreenBid auction, where tons of the show’s props are going to be going up on the block.

The auction listing is 56 pages deep, so you’re going to have to hunt around if there’s anything specific you’ve been drooling over. Still, there are a lot of possibilities here. Purchase Pete Campbell’s scarf, and pretend you’re using it to throttle the little bastard! Pick up Sal’s old spice set, the perfect accompaniment for any dinner you plan to be your last before disappearing forever. Battle the rise of the machines with Ginsberg’s old typewriter, or introduce someone to the airplane that’s here to see them, or just buy enough bar sets to send your liver into permanent sympathetic shutdown. You probably won’t find everything you want—Peggy’s bright red thermos and cardboard box don’t appear to be up for sale, dashing dreams of recreating her beautiful slow-motion entrance to McCann Erickson in the seventh season’s “Lost Horizon”—but you can probably find something here to briefly distract you from the inescapability of human sorrow and your own inevitable death, in true Don Draper fashion. The auction kicks off on July 31, and is set to run until August 6.


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