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Disney's streaming service is getting a Rogue One prequel with Diego Luna

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Photo: Stuart C. Wilson (Getty Images for Disney)

Star Wars: Rogue One is probably the most underrated entry in Disney’s run on the Star Wars series so far, but one of its obvious faults was that it didn’t really have enough room to develop its squad of doomed characters on top of telling the story of their suicide mission to expose the Death Star’s one design flaw. Now, thanks to Disney’s upcoming streaming service—which is apparently called Disney+—one of the Rogue One characters will be getting a chance to tell his story. As reported by Deadline, Disney has announced that Diego Luna will be reprising his role as Rogue One’s Cassian Andor for a prequel series about “the formative years of the Rebellion.”


When Cassian is introduced in the film, he’s clearly been through some shit and is nearly willing to sacrifice his soul in the name of the Rebel Alliance. This series, presumably, will show how he went from being someone idealistic enough to join the Rebels to someone who was desperate enough to kill innocent people for the greater good, but the timeline being what it is, we probably won’t get a chance to spend any time with the rest of the core Rogue One squad. Either way, we really just hope this gives Luna the one thing he has always wanted: A chance to touch Jabba The Hut.

This Rogue One prequel will be the second Star Wars show for the streaming service, with the first being Jon Favreau’s post-Return Of The Jedi series The Mandalorian.

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