When Disney’s Newsies premiered in 1992, it became an infamous flop, despite giving rise to the early cult of Christian Bale. But those were different times, before the likes of High School Musical, Glee, and Clear Blue Tuesday revived the notion of doing away with subtext in favor of characters expressing their feelings through song. And what with nearly every conceivable popular film from the last 20 years being considered for a Broadway adaptation, it’s no surprise that Disney is also considering bringing Newsies to the Great White Way, where its turn-of-the-century tale of scrappy, tough-talking newsboys who fight back against megalomaniac publishers with the force of their expertly executed pirouettes (choreographed by Kenny Ortega) will seem only a little bit silly. Although its place on the stage is not yet certain, Newsies is definitely currently in development, according to Playbill: Composer Alan Menken is working on a libretto with actor Harvey Fierstein, whose involvement ensures lots of “This sounds even gayer than Torch Song Trilogy” jokes. Or maybe just that one.