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Disneyland and Disney World ban all Star Wars blasters

Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi

In a move that is a blatant infringement on the rights granted to us by the second space-amendment, Disney has banned all Star Wars blasters from Disneyland and Disney World. That comes from Deadline, and the ban not only applies to cosplayers who might want to carry around their homemade DL-44s or E-11 blaster rifles, it also means the parks will stop selling toy blasters (and any other kind of toy guns) altogether. Deadline’s article also suggests that Disney will be ending the “display” and “brandishing” of Star Wars blasters, which makes it sound like the costumed characters won’t have them either.

This is all being done in the name of increasing security at the parks, and both Disneyland and Disney World will also be adding new metal detectors at their entrances, as well as enforcing a ban on people over 14 wearing costumes or masks. These new policies wet into effect today, and other Disney parks around the world will soon be instituting similar changes.


Now, noble intentions and security concerns aside, this is clearly a terrible idea. Criminals like the members of the so-called Rebel Alliance will disobey these rules and get their hands on Star Wars blasters anyway, which means this ban will only hurt heroic Stormtroopers and other good guys with Star Wars blasters. If anything, Disney should just be giving everyone Star Wars blasters, and if some of them end up in the hands of those traitorous Rebels, so be it. That’s the price we have to pay to uphold the freedoms given to us by the great Emperor Palpatine and his good friends at the Intergalactic Blaster Association.

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