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Disney shows us the tiniest possible fraction of its world with its first live-action Aladdin teaser

Ensuring that those of you excited to get a good look at its new live-action Aladdin movie are just going to have to sort of stay excited, Disney released the first teaser for the Guy Ritchie-directed film tonight. And we do mean teaser; unless you were really jonesing to get a look at CGI Iago, there’s not much more on offer here than sand, familiar music cues, and one decent glimpse of Mena Massoud as everybody’s favorite street rat diamond in the rough.


And sure, it’s not like we were expecting Disney to give away the whole game here—we understand how teasers work—but you couldn’t give us even the slightest hint of however the hell Will Smith is going to be doing as Genie? Just, like, one word, so we know how far into the Robin Williams Zone he actually intends to go?

Anyway, we’ll obviously know more as Aladdin’s May 24, 2019 release date approaches, even if we don’t necessarily have to be happy about it.

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