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Disney wants Marc Webb to direct a live-action Snow White movie

Photo: Francois Durand (Getty Images)

Disney’s live-action remake streak has been going for so long that a live-action version of Dumbo has already been released and forgotten about, but for some reason the studio is just now getting around to actually putting together a version of Show White with human actors and—if the other movies are anything to go by—some kind of CG animal. Disney first floated this idea back in 2016, just a few years after Snow White And The Huntsman and Mirror Mirror came out and just a few months after Disney itself announced that it was working on a spin-off movie about Snow White’s never-before-mentioned sister.

Now, according to Variety, Disney is moving forward with the Snow White remake and it wants Marc Webb to direct. He doesn’t have a deal yet, but he’s apparently the “top choice” for the project, even though most of his recent movies don’t really indicate he’s particularly well-suited for Snow White (say what you will about Guy Ritchie doing Aladdin, but he does crime movies and that’s sort of a crime story). As Variety notes, Webb is probably best known for making the Amazing Spider-Man movies, which weren’t great, and he also made the lousy The Only Living Boy In New York and the divisive (500) Days Of Summer.


No word on Snow White’s sister, but maybe she was unmentioned the first time around for a reason.

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