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Photo: War For The Planet Of The Apes

Disney has an undying love of running its franchises into the ground, especially in the last few years, and now that it owns 20th Century Fox’s library of franchises it might as well start doing the same thing over there as well. As reported by Deadline, the mouse company is reportedly planning to put together a new Planet Of The Apes movie, with Maze Runner director Wes Ball already on board to direct. Interestingly, Deadline doesn’t know if this will pick up on the most recent Planet of The Apes movies (with director Matt Reeves now heading over to Warner Bros. to make The Batman) or if it will be another reboot/remake, but it seems like the thing to do now would be a franchise-rebooting jump forward to something more like the original film and its… planet of apes.


That way we can still assume the Rise, Dawn, and War For movies are still canon, but nobody needs to have seen them in order to pick up on whatever (presumably) younger-skewing thing Disney has in mind. After that, Disney just needs to do a few sequels and some straight-to-Disney+ spin-offs and TV shows, and then we can move on to running something else into the ground.

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