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Disney to get serious about Blu-ray 3-D in 2011

The future of film and television—nay, of all entertainment—is 3-D. Also, helmets that stimulate your dopamine receptors directly and sex-bots, but mostly 3-D, which is why Disney is making the first big push into the home 3-D market by releasing at least 15 films on Blu-ray 3-D in 2011. In addition to recent films like Tron: Legacy and Tangled, the studio will also debut converted classics The Lion King and Beauty And The Beast in three dimensions, as well as converted not-quite-classics such as Bolt, Meet The Robinsons, G-Force, and Chicken Little, plus it will release the recent 3-D version of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Each film will come packaged with its regular 2-D companion, which you can perhaps play on your Victrola while oiling your penny-farthing.


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