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Disney suddenly has a thing for lady detectives

Disney’s update of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple—which will take the mystery series about the wisdom and dignity of the elderly, then finally air out some of the old-lady stink by sticking Jennifer Garner in it—is apparently still in the fine-tuning, trying-on-floppy-hats phase of the would-be franchise. So in the meantime, Disney is moving forward on another lady detective story, this one an original concept from newcomer Ashley Bradley and Green Lantern co-writer Marc Guggenheim that concerns a young woman who becomes a sleuth after discovering that she is the “descendant of a legendary detective” and is thus forced to "take up the mantle," because of the detecting gene, obviously. Which, actually, has the potential to be not so original, come to think of it. In fact, there’s a strong possibility this film could arrive bearing the title Shirley Holmes or Phyllis Marlowe, but enjoy the interim where it’s not, and it’s simply the whimsical notion of a woman trying to detect things despite the obvious handicap of her gender. And hey, at least she’s already young.


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