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Disney+'s TV sequel to Love, Simon is heading to Hulu instead

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Disney+’s TV sequel to Love, Simon—now officially called Love, Victor—is moving from the mouse company’s flagship streaming platform to Hulu, the other streaming platform that Disney also owns (but we generally don’t talk about that because it’s depressing when you really start to recognize how much stuff is controlled by Mickey and his pals). This may seem like a downgrade, because you’d think Disney would want all of the best content on Disney+, but Entertainment Weekly says the move is actually due to Love, Victor’s “depiction of alcohol use, sexual exploration, and marital issues among parents” that made it a bad fit for the “family-focused Disney+ service.” That seems like a somewhat questionable justification, but it comes from EW and not an official Disney statement, so we’ll give them a little slack. (EW points out that the High School Musical series and Diary Of A Future President both have LGBTQ characters and themes.)

Either way, this could actually be for the best, as things clearly worked out well for Hulu’s High Fidelity—which also started life as a Disney+ original. Maybe getting bumped from Disney+ to Hulu is only reserved for the really good shows that do have marital issues among parents but don’t have Baby Yoda or the Winter Soldier? Well, we don’t know if Love, Victor doesn’t have Baby Yoda or the Winter Soldier, as all we know is that it’s about new characters in the Love, Simon universe.

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