Credit Corey Thompson

To celebrate 45 years of sweetly startling both young and old, Disney Television Animation is developing a TV special based on its popular Haunted Mansion attraction. Gris Grimly—a horror artist and children’s illustrator whose name couldn’t possibly fit better with his title—will animate, executive produce, and art direct. The script will be written by Scott Peterson (not that one) and Joshua Pruett—neither of whom, of course, are Guillermo del Toro, who first said he was working on a non-Eddie Murphy film version of the Haunted Mansion in 2010. Del Toro also said in a Reddit AMA last week that he’s still working through a screenplay and already has artwork for his version. It would likely be very different than this, since Peterson and Pruett both write for Phineas And Ferb, while del Toro said he would film his in live-action 3-D, and also he’s Guillermo del Toro.