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Disney+'s Endgame extras include deleted scene with Katherine Langford's grown-up Morgan Stark

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It was late last year when it was revealed that 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford would be playing a mysterious role in Avengers: Endgame, one we, living in a pre-Hawkeye series world, foolishly thought could very well be Kate Bishop. We were wrong, yes, but it also turned out that Langford’s character didn’t even make the final cut of the film. As an adult version of Tony Stark’s daughter, Morgan, she came face-to-face with her father in the wake of Tony’s climactic snap, which sends him to what directors Anthony and Joe Russo have called a “metaphysical way station.” In May, Anthony said it was cut due to it not “resonating with us on an emotional level.” Now, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, the previously deleted scene is now available as an extra on Disney+.


It’s one of five deleted scenes exclusive to the newly-launched platform—as Indiewire notes, they are different than the six included on the Blu-ray release. And, like it or not, they come with commentary from the directors that, as far as we can tell, can’t be turned off.

“This is originally what happened after Tony snapped his fingers,” Joe says in the commentary, adding that the scene existed so Tony could “come to peace with what he’s just done,” close an emotional chapter with this version of his daughter, and prepare himself for death. “When we put this in the movie, we felt like it ground the movie to a halt and he does something similar in the next sequence when he gives his own eulogy,” Joe says of why it was cut.


Watch it now on Disney+, provided it’s actually working for you.

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