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Disney’s D23 Expo unveils Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 title and more Toy Story 3 voice casting

On the heels of our Disney animation announcements last week comes big, live-action, Johnny Depp-filled news. At the D23 Expo, Depp appeared onstage to announce the official title of his fourth escapade as Captain Jack Sparrow: Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, due for release summer 2011. The folks over at Cinematical have presented a theory behind the installment’s potential plot: A 1988 Tim Powers novel called On Stranger Tides concernes pirates, a character called Jack, and the search for the Fountain Of Youth. And as POTC fans may recall, Jack and Barbosa ended At World’s End hinting that they planned to get their Ponce de Leon on. A compass couldn’t point us in a straighter direction. If the Fountain Of Youth is the setup and the next film will mirror Powers’ novel, it seems likely Geoffrey Rush will return to ham it up with Depp while stars Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom hang up their swords with the franchise.

And in more Woody and Buzz Lightyear news, the voice cast for Toy Story 3 is exploding. The D23 Expo revealed that Whoopi Goldberg, Bonnie Hunt, and Jeff Garlin will also lend their vocal cords to new toy-box characters. And John Morris, now 24, will return for a third time as the voice of Andy.

As of now, one can only speculate when the official Toy Story 3 trailer will drop. Perhaps this October to coincide with the 3D re-release of the first two films? We request that you stay tuned.


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