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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Disney reviving Agatha Christies elderly detective Miss Marple, minus the elderly

Agatha Christie conceived her spinster detective Miss Marple partly as a tribute to her grandmother, creating a strong, elderly female character whose shrewd insights are due not only to her natural intelligence, but stem from the sort of wisdom that one can only accrue after many, many years of living and observing human nature. On the other hand, old people are gross. Ergo, Disney is reportedly reviving the Miss Marple character as a woman “in her 30s or 40s,” according to Deadline, with a script to be written by Twin Peaks creator turned Fantastic Four writer Mark Frost. Hopefully she will also be hot. And instead of being a spinster, have lots of sex. And maybe instead of investigating boring mysteries, she can simply walk around asking other people if they’d like to have that sex. And are we sold on the name? It's kind of frumpy and off-putting, and it doesn't make us think of sex. What about “Miss Hotpants”? We’re just thinking out loud here.


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