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Disney princesses as piles of rocks exemplifies the pinnacle of ironic detachment

Our current pop culture landscape is an endless cycle of creation, deconstruction, and reclamation. Memes are flipped on their heads on a daily basis, leaving in their wake a sense of emptiness and an inability to accept sincerity in our daily lives. Disney princesses are the latest pop culture collection to travel through this meaningless cycle of ironic detachment. Popular (and very impressive) fan art started by reimagining Disney’s line of heroines as everything from high school students to superheroes to Doctor Who companions to Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones characters. While progressive artists pushed the trend into interesting places with gender-bended drawings and realistic renderings, the power of irony was too much to resist and the hipster Disney Princess meme took off.

Now we’ve reached a fan art saturation point with an artist named Kevin Bolk who has reimagined the girls as piles of rocks with hair. The subtitle of his Tumblr post exclaims, “You’ve never seen them like this before. Mind blown!” with a dose of sarcasm that might very well mark a turning point in humanity’s deconstruction of pop culture. Either that or this is just a funny thing he drew. For his part, Bolk explains, “I was simply mining for things that haven’t been done with these characters and left no stone unturned.”


A few favorites are below and you can find the full set on Bolk’s DeviantArt page.

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