Knowing a brewing zeitgeist moment when it sees it, Disney has hired Prom screenwriter Katie Welch to write another teen-oriented movie that, while details are closely guarded, may potentially be a sequel to the yet-to-open film. Still, how can Welch expect to capture that sort of lightning in a bottle again by next spring, and properly expand on Prom’s mythology—one that involves high school kids talking endlessly about prom and how their impending graduation is both exciting and scary, all of which serves as the backdrop to a cautious romance between a “good girl” and a “bad boy” —without it feeling like a rote rehash? Perhaps they can incorporate a Godfather II structure, and flashback to the aristocratic debutante balls that paved the way for the modern prom, though not without plenty of violent, violent bloodshed? Or maybe they can make the romance between a popular girl and a nerd. Like life after high school, you’ll just have to wait and see.