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Disney is making a movie about Snow White’s previously unmentioned sister

Snow White

Nobody likes siblings, not even a perfect fairy tale angel like Snow White. Apparently, she’s had a sister this whole time and she never felt the need to actually tell anybody about her. Is it because this sister is totally lame and smells? Is she the black sheep of Snow White’s otherwise wonderful family? Or, even more likely, is she super awesome and Snow White doesn’t want her seven dwarf friends to realize that she’s actually the lame and smelly one?

Whatever the answer is, a new live-action Disney movie will finally dig into whatever Snow White’s awesome sister was doing while her famous sibling was eating a poison apple and getting true love’s kiss from a handsome prince. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this idea comes from Snow White And The Huntsman writer Evan Daugherty and a relative newcomer named Justin Merz, and they say it will be a sort of “companion piece” to Disney’s animated Snow White movie from the ’30s. However, The Hollywood Reporter describes it as more of a “revisionist take” that inserts Snow White’s sister—who is named Rose Red—into the story, sending her and the seven dwarfs on a quest to break the curse that strikes Snow White. (Spoiler alert: All she needs is a kiss from a prince, so the quest is a little pointless.)


Like Snow White, the Rose Red character is lifted from an old Brothers Grimm fairy tale, but not the same one that the Seven Dwarfs story is adapted from. Confusingly, she actually originated in a story called Snow-White And Rose-Red that has nothing to do with Snow White or the seven dwarfs, so the idea of her being that Snow White’s sister is a totally new concept. Basically, it’s the sort of weird change that would drive everybody crazy if this were a comic book.

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