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Disney is developing a movie about Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin in The Pirates: Band Of Misfits

As reported by Deadline, Disney—the company behind films about mermaids, genies, men who have been transformed into beasts, singing chimney sweeps, puppets who become real boys, flying children who never age, and people who live inside a computer—is now developing a movie about Charles Darwin, a man whose life’s work basically proved that none of those things are real. Traffic writer Stephen Gaghan will be writing and directing, and though Deadline doesn’t have any specific details about the project, it does say it’ll be “an adventure film.”

Deadline also says that Darwin “had a bit of that Indiana Jones-like swashbuckling spirit in him,” so if Disney takes that angle it might help make this movie a little more palatable to the people who don’t agree with Darwin’s aforementioned life’s work. Hey, maybe he can be played by Chris Pratt! Nobody can disagree with Chris Pratt, no matter what their religion says about evolution. Also, hopefully this Darwin movie will manage to successfully earn him the mainstream popularity that Creation and The Pirates: Band Of Misfits failed to generate. Then maybe more people will get on board with the whole evolution thing.


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