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Disney is already having a better year at the box office than any other studio ever

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Good news for everyone who likes those sci-fi dystopias where everything is controlled by one or two corporations: We already live in one of those! And we have been living in it for many years! Woohoo! Now, this enthusiasm may seem slightly sarcastic, but please do not mistake our joy for some kind of ill-conceived snark. We obviously love all corporations and would never do anything to risk being condemned to a life of hard labor in Disney’s spice mines on Mars.

But hey, speaking of The House Of Mouse, that great company (which we love unconditionally) has something to celebrate today. As reported by Variety, Disney has broken the global box office record for a single studio in one year as of this weekend—and it’s only July. Thanks to the positive receipts from Aladdin and that whole Avengers: Endgame scheme, Disney has crossed $7.67 billion in ticket sales for 2019, topping the previous record of $7.61 that was set in 2016 by some pathetic loser company called, uh… Disney. See, it’s stuff like this that makes people worry about these enormous corporations stamping down all of culture and smoothing it over into some kind of homogeneous paste. Not us, though! We love this! (And we’re so, so bad at mining for spices on Mars. We would really just slow the whole operation down.)


Variety points out that Disney’s box office success here is “especially significant” because it still has some big movies coming out before the end of 2019, specifically Frozen 2, Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil, and Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, all of which are pretty much guaranteed to make a ton of money. Variety also points out that Disney now owns 40 percent of the domestic film market, thanks to its new ownership of Fox’s film assets, with its closest competitors (Warner Bros. and Universal) only owning about 13 percent each. But hey, at least those Marvel movies are fun. You can learn more about The Eternals at this link!

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