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Disney humanitarians airdrop Frozen 2 onto Disney+ 3 months ahead of schedule

Illustration for article titled Disney humanitarians airdrop iFrozen 2 /ionto Disney+ 3 months ahead of schedule
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Never let it be said that the Disney corporation doesn’t have your back, parents (especially if that means making a little extra subscription cash for itself). Fresh off the news that the entertainment mega-giant—which announced earlier this week that it was closing all its parks and public properties due to concerns about the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus—was following in the footsteps of its various contemporaries by halting production on its movies and shows, the company has now announced a move that can easily be read as an effort to help keep America’s suddenly cabin-fever prone kids entertained for a few more precious minutes: Frozen 2 is about to be on Disney+.

Per Deadline, Disney’s decision to release the 2019 hit comes three months ahead of when it was expected to land on the streaming service, presumably as a way to keep parents from social distancing their brains out as their kids go more stir crazy by the second. Of course, the film was already out on DVD and paid streaming, so this won’t do so much for the hardcore fanatics. But now at least your adorable little streaming obsessive can break up their endless “Let It Go” medleys with an occasional failed effort to nail that damn high E-flat in “Into The Unknown,” or have a cheerful singalong about the crippling after-effects of grief with their old pal Kristen Bell.

Frozen 2 will arrive on Disney+ on Sunday, March 15.

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