According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has sold over 3 million role-play dresses based on the ones the characters wear in the movie Frozen. This seems to suggest that Frozen is a pretty popular movie, despite the fact that it doesn’t include a single Iron Man or Star War—traditionally seen as the only things that can make a movie successful. Surprisingly, Frozen also doesn’t have a single high-speed car chase or epic battle between wizards and goblins, and yet people still enjoy it enough to buy dresses that look like the ones Anna and Elsa wear in the movie. Maybe it’s because Frozen has managed to succeed in some previously unknown way that involves an emphasis on characters over the cheap thrill of explosions, but we have no idea.

Back in April, we reported that Frozen merchandise was so hard to find that parents were resorting to Jingle All The Way-style violence in order to appease their children, and it sounds like Disney’s going to try and ride that train as long as it can. According to the THR post, the company will soon be branching out into Frozen-branded apples, grapes, yogurt, bandages, and “an oral care line.” Presumably, Disney is assuming that if anything can convince kids that eating fruit and brushing their teeth is cool, it’s Frozen. Also, if anyone out there still resents this movie and its crazy popularity, maybe it’s time to—ahem—let it go.


See what we did there? “Let It Go” is the name of one of the songs in the movie. Patton Oswalt even sang it once! You’d know all of this if you would just jump on the Frozen bandwagon with all of us cool kids.