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Disney developing movie adaptation of The Paper Magician book series

The Paper Magician

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is working on an adaptation of Charlie N. Holmberg’s popular The Paper Magician book series with producer Allison Shearmur. The Hollywood Reporter story points out that Shearmur is also a producer on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but producers produce lots of stuff, so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. (Unless Rogue One turns out to be really good, which might help the buzz for this.)

The Paper Magician books are about a student at a magic school who is “assigned an apprenticeship in paper magic” even though she had her heart set on metal magic, meaning that she’ll only be learning how to manipulate paper objects instead of cool metal objects. However, in Variety’s description of the plot, it says an evil magic person “rips her teacher’s heart from his chest,” so the girl has to—hold on, because it gets crazy—“embark on an adventure that will take her into the chambers of his still-beating heart and reveal the very soul of the man.” So it’s like Harry Potter meets Innerspace meets…something existential.


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