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According to Variety, Disney is developing a movie musical “based on the songs of American treasure Lionel Richie,” and—as is always the case with projects like this—it’s going to have the most obvious title imaginable. Go ahead, try to think of it. We’ll drag this out and give you some time.


It’s All Night Long, obviously. Unlike similarly obvious-named movies like Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman, though, this one won’t be a musical biopic. Instead, Variety says it’s closer to something like Mamma Mia, which is to say that it will be a jukebox musical that uses the music of American treasure Lionel Richie to tell some new story that isn’t necessarily about Lionel Richie. That seems like the better choice anyway, since those musical biopics do seem a bit cheap and easy. Richie and his manager Bruce Eskowitz are producers on this, with Crazy Rich Asians and The Proposal writer Pete Chiarelli handling the script. (Though we don’t know anything about the script, beyond the fact that it will involve someone singing “All Night Long” at some point.)

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