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Disney details the Avengers Campus theme park coming to California

Concept art of the existing Guardians Of The Galaxy ride
Photo: Disneyland Resort (Getty Images)

The Avengers’ house in upstate New York got obliterated at the end of Avengers: Endgame in a giant explosion that somehow didn’t hurt a single person inside, but now it’s apparently being rebuilt in California—at Disneyland, to be exact. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Disney announced today during yet another panel at the D23 expo that it’s putting together a dedicated theme park zone at Disneyland’s California Adventure called Avengers Campus, with another Avengers-themed attracted set to pop up at Disneyland Paris that will feature some kind of “interconnected story involving recruitment of new Avengers.” Do you think those new Avengers will be whichever random tourists happen to be at Avengers Campus on any given day? Because that seems very likely! (More likely than getting Spider-Man back in the movies, at least.)


But hey, speaking of New York’s favorite web-slinger, nobody’s going to stop Disney from putting Spidey in a theme park, as the Avengers Campus will also feature Disney’s first Spider-Man-themed ride. Built around a meet-up at an organization for young inventors, the ride will involve Spider-Man enlisting whoever happens to have waited in the appropriate for a few hours to put on a Spider-Man-themed jetpack and shoot webs at rogue spider robots. There will also be a Doctor Strange-based “California Sanctum” (even though that’s not a real thing from the comics), a Black Panther ride on an Avengers Quinjet, and an Ant-Man-themed restaurant featuring “oversized and shrunken foods” that legitimately sounds like a blast.

Over in Paris, Disney’s New York-themed hotel is getting a Marvel repaint and Epoct in Florida is getting turned into a Guardians Of The Galaxy ride that blends the old “educational” Epcot bullshit with cosmic Marvel nonsense—making it more “educational” than ever before!

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