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Disney considering trying again with The Rocketeer

Though it was primarily beloved by Art Deco and Jennifer Connelly fetishists at the time of its release, Disney will take another run at adapting its cult favorite The Rocketeer, with Vulture reporting that the studio has begun meeting with writers about a potential remake. It's still in the early stages, but it's easy to see why Disney might find the prospect attractive: The story combines the suit-enabled superpowers and Nazi fighting of its current Marvel heroes Iron Man and Captain America (a character recently adapted by The Rocketeer director Joe Johnston, as a meaningless tangential aside), but omits all the sharing with and seeking approval from Marvel.

There are obviously no concrete details yet about whether Disney is looking to stick to the original's 1930s, Golden Age of Hollywood setting, or go with its initial, Eisner-era plans to update it to contemporary times and therefore be awful. Nor is there obviously anything yet about potential casting of replacements for actors like Billy Campbell, Timothy Dalton, Alan Arkin, or Terry O'Quinn (even if they should clearly just bring Arkin and O'Quinn back). At the moment it's just a proposal, which is always the best time to be cautiously optimistic or, if you prefer, assume the worst and freak out.


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