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Disney considering just making a film about the whole damn Magic Kingdom

Rather than parceling out its theme park adaptations one ride at a time, Disney is said to be considering just going all in with a film based on the whole damn Magic Kingdom, described as a family adventure in the Night At The Museum vein, only with way more product placement. Oddly enough, the idea originated with Battlestar Galactica’s Ronald D. Moore, who has already submitted a script; however, Disney is said to be looking for a new writer to help them develop it further, and see how many more of its iconic characters it can cram in without being overly obvious about it. But to the studio’s credit, it seems to be taking that possible exploitation of its own properties very seriously, with executives reportedly very mindful of the fact that it could end up damaging the entire Disney brand if the film—which is being described as Disney’s own Justice League or The Avengers—ends up feeling like a feature-length commercial that trades entirely on past successes. (Of course, the fact that even studio executives are thinking in those terms pretty much confirms that it would be, right?)


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