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Disney, not content just to own the bulk of mainstream culture, is determined to rub that fact in everyone’s faces. After having acquired 20th Century Fox, the dread mouse laid waste to parts of the company deemed unnecessary and made a fur stole out of the most identifiable aspect of its name. As the proud owner of this business, it also received exclusive streaming rights to The Simpsons and, as a trustworthy steward of popular culture, promptly fucked that up by accidentally cropping out a bunch of jokes when the show debuted on its Disney+ service late last year.

Now, perhaps wishing to remind all of us that this is just how it is now, Disney has compiled a video showing a bunch of times The Simpsons, humble vassal to the divine emperor of modern culture, referenced its properties over the years.

Carefully drawn from newer and older seasons alike, the clip shows scenes reenacting stuff like the canine pasta make-out famously shown in Lady And The Tramp, Mary Poppins choking on smokestack fumes and getting her umbrella caught on a telephone wire as she floats into Springfield, Bart and Lisa touring Duff Brewery’s take on the “It’s A Small World” ride, a Frozen-themed couch gag, and more. The compilation even includes the time The Simpsons showed a 20th Century Fox sign with “A Division Of Walt Disney Co.” written below it as a bit of ominous meta-humor.


Basically, the whole thing’s an advertisement for the fact that, if you want to watch The Simpsons in a convenient way nowadays, you must sign up for Disney+. More than that, it’s a celebration of Disney’s influence on popular culture—and a clear reminder that references to The Little Mermaid, Snow White, and The Lion King aren’t just plays on the amorphous media that filters through our collective consciousness, but actual copyright-protected intellectual property owned by an all-consuming corporation.

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