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Disney begins development on Captain Marvel 2

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Photo: Chuck Zlotnick (Marvel Studios)

A tremor spread through the converted basements of America tonight, shaking “MAN-CAVE” signs from their moorings, and knocking many an artfully arranged beer bottle off the shelf where they stand next to all the other beer bottles that were up there. For lo, the trades are reporting the news that must, by the will of the gods (and Disney’s love of billion-dollar movie franchises) come to pass: Development has begun on Captain Marvel 2.

When last we saw Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers she was, of course, deus ex machina-ing her way across the endgame of Avengers: Endgame, kicking a little Thanos ass, and trading banter with Thor. Her original film, meanwhile, was Disney’s first big hit of 2019, setting the pace for an entire year of absolute blockbuster (and Blockbuster) domination with its ’90s period piece comedy and digitally de-aged Samuel L. Jackson action. (Also: Cat!)

We don’t have a release date or anything for the sequel yet, but Variety reports that Megan McDonnell, currently a staff writer on WandaVision, is in talks to head up the project. If we had to guess—based on the character’s history, teasers in recent Marvel films, and the fact that the Earth is seeming pretty dang boring in the MCU of late—we’d say the film is likely to spend more time out in space, potentially following up on all the stuff Carol’s been doing when she wasn’t beating the crap out of baddies during her occasional, day-saving appearances on Earth.

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