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Disney+ apparently has no problem with Wolverine's naked butt

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Photo: X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Back in April, Disney+ users noticed a weird edit to the platform’s version of the movie Splash, with Daryl Hannah’s hair evidently being digitally extended in order to cover up her butt—a scene that people of a certain age probably remember pretty well and would immediately notice any alterations to, like how nerds can easily pinpoint every dewback lizard that wasn’t in the original version of Star Wars. It was a weird/dumb controversy, and nobody would’ve ever thought to mention it ever again (because who the hell is thinking about Splash in the summer of 2020?) if not for the fact that Disney has now exposed itself as a company full of shameful and disgusting hypocrites. (Actually, this new development is also weird/dumb, it’s just fun to make it seem dramatic.)

X-Men: Days Of Future Past was recently added to Disney+, since Disney now owns most media properties, and Hugh Jackman—Wolverine himself—noted on Instagram this weekend that it’s apparently an unedited version. That means it not only has an “F-bomb” (as Variety puts it), but that you can also see Jackman’s naked butt in the scene where Wolverine first shows up in the past:


Two things about this: First, apparently man butts are okay on Disney+ but woman butts are not. Second, does Hugh Jackman just sit around and watch his old X-Men movies or did somebody send this to him? The former seems less weird, because some of those X-Men movies are pretty good and worth rewatching (even if you starred in them), but the latter means that there’s someone out there texting Hugh Jackman photos of his own butt. Who would do that? Ryan Reynolds would, obviously, and he’d even do it in character as Deadpool. Either way, you can finally see a butt on Disney+, as long as you don’t mind the fact that it’s the butt of a guy with claws coming out of his knuckles and not a mermaid.

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