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Disney answers television's lack of shows about dogs with blogs with Dog With A Blog, a show about a dog with a blog

Noticing a definite dearth of programming about talking dogs who have their own blogs, the Disney Channel has greenlit the pilot Dog With A Blog, about a dog who captures his daily musings in online journal entries, rather than, like so many of us, simply letting them float away, preferring the more direct route of licking our own balls. The series will find this blogging dog dog-blogging about his family, specifically recently thrown together step-siblings Tyler, “who is popular, social and gets by on his looks,” and Kayla, who “is super smart, socially responsible and despises guys like Tyler.” Hmm. Perhaps the dog’s blog can address the unnerving suggestion of sexual tension his show’s writers seem to have created between these two, in between his many inevitable “dog eat dog world” jokes. As Deadline notes, “casting is underway” for the dog, though it’s likely that the dog-blogging scenes will be CGI, given that most dogs find blogging to be tediously self-serving.


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