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Illustration for article titled Disney announces new Special Edition of the future where there are no more 3-D emStar Wars/em prequels

Indicating just how much Disney wants to focus on updating Star Wars for a new generation, Deadline reports that the studio will release a Special Edition version of the future, in which the previously planned 3-D versions of all six films in the saga are replaced by a beautifully rendered nothingness. Likely contributing to Disney’s decision to scrap them was the relatively weak performance of the post-converted The Phantom Menace, a film rife with the woefully outdated puppetry of George Lucas manipulating fans into paying for his movies all over again. Such “craven cash grabs,” as Deadline puts it, simply have no place in this reinvigorated era of new Star Wars movies, at least not until closer to their release. The 3-D versions of the remaining prequels and original trilogy—which were scheduled to kick off this fall with Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith—have all been erased from the schedule. In their place, Disney has digitally restored a feeling of cautious optimism. Also, one of those Dewback things. Can’t have enough Dewbacks.


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