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Disney announces new release dates for Marvel's next phase, Mulan, and Indiana Jones 5

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With theaters around the globe closed and film crews forced to either suspend production or do post-production work remotely due to COVID-19, every major studio is in the process or rearranging is release calendar. We’ve heard from Sony, Warner Bros., and others, and now, thanks to Variety, we know when the juggernaut that is Disney will drop its cavalcade of blockbusters.


Let’s start with the Marvel slate. We previously knew Black Widow was delayed from its original release date of May 1, and now we know it’ll arrive in place of The Eternals, which was due to premiere on November 5. Here’s when the rest of Phase 4 will drop:

Mulan, meanwhile, is scheduled to premiere on July 24 of this year, though that date is apparently flexible, what with nobody knowing when the hell this global nightmare will end. That was the date Jungle Cruise—a film that’s already gotten two trailers—was supposed to premiere, but the Dwayne Johnson outing’s been delayed almost an entire year to June 20, 2021. Other delays include Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch (now premiering October 16, 2020) and Indiana Jones 5 (now premiering August 29, 2022).


Woman in the Window, Antlers and The Personal History of David Copperfield remain without release dates, as does The New Mutants, which God hates. West Side Story and The Last Duel are currently holding onto their respective December 18 and December 25 release dates, while Pixar’s Soul is still pretending it’ll be able to premiere on June 19.

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