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Disney announces 3 new MCU-based theme park lands

Photo: Film Frame (Disney)

Fulfilling our shared desire to skip out on our current world, in favor of one where the only thing we have to worry about is a giant purple alien coming down from space to kill us all, Disney has announced it’s expanding its plans to supplement its global theme park empire with “lands” based around its various Marvel properties. According to Entertainment Weekly, the theme park giant is now adding Marvel-themed areas to its parks in California, Paris, and Hong Kong, based, respectively, around Guardians Of The Galaxy, The Avengers, and, uh…Ant Man.

The news builds on the company’s previously-announced plans, which included the transformation of its Tower Of Terror ride at Disney California Adventure into a Guardians-themed attraction. The goal is to have all of the new areas finished for guests by 2020, by which point, maybe some plucky Imagineer will start working on the real dream: a visitable Disney version of Wakanda (albeit one where you have to stand in line for four hours to hang out for 90 seconds in Shuri’s awesome lab).


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