In a heartwarming tale of corporate merger that should delight shareholders of all ages, Disney has just been swept away by a handsome, princely sum of money from Netflix, granting the streaming service exclusive rights to its film catalog forever and ever—or, for at least three years, beginning in 2016. The deal will take Disney's films away from the wicked, antihero-and-boob-filled world of Starz, and includes Disney-owned movies from Pixar, Marvel, and now Lucasfilm. All of these will skip merrily from theaters to Netflix in four years' time, appearing on the web service instead of pay TV in one of Netflix's biggest bids yet to become a real boy, in terms of competing with cable channel content providers. Lots of older Disney titles have already been added to Netflix's streaming catalog, meaning you can ditch your kid and go find your own magical adventure for a while. Look, they've got Pocahontas, The Great Mouse Detective, and The Fox And The Hound. They're good.