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Disney already wants more Mary Poppins

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Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns wasn’t perfect, but what it did have was a recognizable name and a couple of bankable new stars who could conceivably continue to appear in Mary Poppins movies for years to come. It should be no surprise, then, that Returns director Bob Marshall is already planning another Mary Poppins movie—one that will hopefully be called Mary Poppins Forever, in keeping with the Batman-style naming convention established by Mary Poppins and Mary Poppins Returns.


This is according to The Sun, which asked Marshall about a potential sequel and got him to admit that there is one in the “early stages” of development. He wouldn’t give very many details, but he did tease that P.L. Travers wrote a bunch of Mary Poppins stories, any of which could easily be padded out into new feature films. He also compared the seres to James Bond and Star Wars, suggesting that Mary Poppins could just go on forever if people still want to see Emily Blunt zipping around on a magic umbrella.

All we know is that the next movie better include Two-Face and The Riddler.

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