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Diseased cauldron of modern culture bubbles up The Batman and Cats trailer mashup

Each day, it seems, new scars surface that show just how deeply the 2019 Cats movie wounded the world’s psyche. It wasn’t enough for the movie’s feline mutants to cap off last year with their eldritch singing and dancing. No, they had to slink their unearthly forms into 2020, holding in their weirdly human jaws the metaphorical rat carcasses of celebrity arguments and, god help us all, a self-explanatory #ReleaseTheButtholeCut hashtag.

Now, in further evidence that the litter trail left by the movie will never reach its end, someone’s gone and combined The Batman and Cats trailers.


This freakish creation was born from the mind of @_elvishpresley_, who tossed it into the roiling cesspit of 2020 culture with the simple explanation that he “put the Cats trailer audio over the Batman trailer.”

Catman,” his tweet concludes, prompting weary doomscrollers to press play and soak in what we know already will be a familiar kind of abomination. Just as advertised, we hear “Memory” sung over footage of the Riddler’s homicidal crimes and Robert Pattinson’s Batman beating the hell out of some hapless goons. There’s a sense of inevitability to it that crescendos with Pattinson’s haunted, make-up smudged face looking into the camera as Jennifer Hudson sings out the pain within us all.

Catman isn’t the first time we’ve seen Cats blended together with other movie trailers, but it is a reminder that, no matter how much we might wish it was otherwise, we will never be able to put the 2019 movie behind us. It will live on and on and on, a corrupt heart pumping sick, oily blood into the veins that course through our culture forevermore. There’s no going back. It’s a Cats world now, and we have no choice but to live in it.

[via Screen Crush]

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