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Discovery Channel discovers that people don’t want to see a man eaten by a snake

Paul Rosolie is a simple man with a simple dream: to be eaten by an anaconda. Maybe because Shark Week and questionable shark documentaries are still several months away, Discovery decided to help Rosolie realize his ambitions. That dream’s physical manifestation, Eaten Alive, is scheduled for December 7.

But after Discovery aired a teaser clip, some people are concerned that consuming a whole man inside a protective “special suit” might not be healthy for snakes. A Change.org petition already boasting 26,000 signatures is ordering Discovery to pull the show.


Petition author Ben Paramonte clarified the objection, saying the stunt “could kill the snake,” and “reinforces the negative stereotype of snakes.” To be fair, it’s unclear if there are any existing stereotypes that involve a man donning homemade armor, bathing in pig’s blood, and climbing inside a jungle snake (until now.)

Discovery has so far remained silent on the controversy. Rosolie responded by assuring that the snake had no complaints, while also plugging his special.

Neither the snake nor the blood-donating pig have issued statements regarding the current status of their well-being.


PETA weighed in by suggesting that “whatever the filmmaker has planned, the snake will likely pay the ultimate price, as animals usually do when they’re used for entertainment.” PETA will just have to watch along with everybody else to see if the anaconda survives Rosolie’s dream.

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