Funeral home worker Kelly (Alice Wetterlund) is a member of StarCrossed, the alien “experience” support group at the center of TBS’ People Of Earth. She’s been upfront about her encounter with a “white,” a “Nordic-type” alien who is very tall and pale, like Legolas, who’s kind of Kelly’s type. If only Don, the alien who abducted her—sorry, in this context, “experienced” sounds worse—knew that. He’s botched previous attempts to connect with her, but in this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, “Last Day On Earth,” we see him make some progress.

Played by Spys Björn Gustaffson, Don is just as lonely as the newly single Kelly. So they dance and drink daiquiris, two things that he’s experiencing for the first time. They seem to hit it off as she guides him through both the gyrating and the brain freeze. At the very least, she probably won’t be flipping him off again anytime soon.


“Last Day On Earth” airs tonight at 9 p.m. on TBS.