(Photo: Skip Bolen/Getty Images)

It seems like the Dirty Projectors might have over-exerted themselves back in 2012, when they released both the full-length album Swing Lo Magellan in July and then the About To Die EP in November. Since then, we’ve gotten nothing new from them. However, last week the Brooklyn group started misting the internet with tiny droplets of new material, making fans wonder if the drought would soon be over. Well, the clouds burst yesterday, and out came this music video for the brand new song “Keep Your Name” from what is presumably an eight upcoming album.

As Pitchfork points out, this somber, colorless video was co-directed by Projectors vocalist David Longstreth and Elon Rutberg, creative director of Kanye West’s DONDA content company. It’s probably the definitive documentation of man’s effort to sketch a poop emoji—at least, until Werner Herzog weighs in.