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Dirty Projectors made a little movie to go with their album, as all musicians are required to do now

As TV On The Radio and Kanye West have recently demonstrated, your album isn't complete until you've turned it into a little movie. Oh, you think just because you've finished mastering all the songs, compiled them into an acceptable running order and slapped them with artwork and a cuneiform etching that you're done? No. You get out there with a camera right now and you make a 20-minute film like Dirty Projectors' David Longstreth did on Hi Custodian (for the band's recent Swing Lo Magellan), and you write, direct, and star in something that provides some sort of longform visual accompaniment to your music, because MTV isn't going to play your video anyway. If you can, add some hazmat suits, inscrutable religious imagery, and people hobbling around with unexplained injuries. Then: Bikini car wash. See? Art's not that difficult.  [via Pitchfork]

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