Yesterday we reported on the new Dirty Projectors album that will be released next spring, and it included a tidbit about a song called "Maybe That Was It" that was described as a response to the 2001 Strokes album Is This It. At least that's how it was reported in Longstreth's interview with Spin—but it turns out that Longstreth made a joke and the writer didn't get it. He posted the following on the band's Facebook page to clarify:

"maybe that was it" = not a diss track!! julian and i hung last winter, he's a cool dude and we actually might make some music together at some point. the song actually has nothing to do with the strokes' song — that was just a random joke i made to the spin interviewer, but i guess he didn't get it and it became the headline of his article instead! —dave


In other words, no feud here. But Adam Levine and those Fox News guys still definitely don't like each other. [via Pitchfork]