With The Blind Side, director John Lee Hancock secured an Oscar nomination—and helped Sandra Bullock actually win one—by telling the inspirational story of Michael Oher, a homeless youth turned Baltimore Ravens (and now Tennessee Titans) offensive tackle. Now, Hancock has reunited with The Blind Side’s producer Gil Netter in hopes of recreating that awards show magic by telling the story of former New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies center fielder—and convicted felon—Lenny Dykstra.

There’s no details yet on who will star in Hancock’s Dykstra biopic—although, after he was released from prison in 2013, Dykstra suggested he’d like to see Matt Damon or Mark Wahlberg portray him. Whoever it ends up being, it’ll be interesting to see how they and Hancock handle Dykstra’s more sordid affairs, of which there are many. In 2012, he was sentenced to a six-month prison sentence for fraud, in addition to being investigated for grand theft, being accused of sexual assault by a housekeeper, and declaring bankruptcy in 2009 after racking up $31 million in debt. Still, if there’s a redemptive arc in Dykstra’s story, Hancock is probably the person to find it. If Hancock’s open to suggestion, that time Dykstra lived in his car after buying a house full of toxic mold would probably be good (because, you know, he triumphantly bought it).