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Director of America blames Google for confusing it with other Americas

Dinesh D’Souza, the CNN comment feed that became a man and made some movies, released his latest cinematic screed last week to scathing reviews from liberals with an agenda, and a disappointing box office from patriots who were victims of a vast conspiracy. Or at least, that’s the theory being floated, after lawyers for D’Souza sent a letter to Google claiming that would-be audiences are having difficulty finding information about the movie America after typing the word “America” into its site.  While, as the film posits, most people want to be in Dinesh D’Souza’s America, the letter says that Google is instead misdirecting users to information about D’Souza’s similarly titled/themed 2016: Obama’s America (which, even more confusingly, came out in 2012) and all other, lesser Americas thereafter.

“We understand this was brought to your attention for correction five days ago, yet the problem persists,” the letter says of this, just the latest thing that D’Souza has warned about but which continues to go unheeded, much like Hillary Clinton being the Antichrist. The letter further demands to know “statistics on searches from the time the misdirection began until resolved so that we might ascertain the number of users who could not find the film as a result of this mix-up.” Also, so that they might then add them to the box office tallies and correct this egregiously misreported history, much as America corrects the perception that slavery was all bad.


Those statistics are no doubt already on the way to D’Souza’s office, as Google, clearly bowing to the will of the people, have now made D’Souza’s movie (both its official and IMDB pages) the top two results for “America,” popping up before even the actual America. And while D’Souza’s lawyers stopped short of directly accusing Google of manipulating the results as part of a potentially criminal conspiracy—the bad kind, not the kind where you funnel illegal campaign contributions, then become a patriotic martyr of the Obama courts—it did question whether the alleged misdirection was due to “human or automated error.” Meanwhile, the film’s fanbase has retreated to its natural habitat with angry Facebook posts theorizing about the latter. “This mixup is likely being coordinated by those in the film industry who hope the film fails at the box office,” wrote one guy whose worldview is shaped by people like Dinesh D’Souza.

D’Souza has himself remained quiet on whether he believes Google intentionally made America difficult to search on its site, no doubt planning to put his arguments in his next movie, Google

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