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Diorama artist captures tiny scenes from Seven, Breaking Bad, and many more

David Fincher’s Seven is a textbook tale of obsession and precision. John Doe plays with the world like his own personal dollhouse, staging elaborate morality plays and scenes of gruesome, operatic violence. In that way, he’s quite a bit like the creator of this 1/6 diorama of the film’s famous Sloth scene (although hopefully the parallels between Wake, the artist responsible, and the religion-crazed serial killer only go so far). The recreation is damn near perfect, with Detectives Mills and Somerset and the unfortunate Victor represented by custom figures from iminime, and tons of little details lovingly added, like the forest of hanging air fresheners or the cart of tiny surgical tools.

The photoset is only one of several dioramas by Wake, a popular artist who posts work primarily at collectible and action figure fan-site Sideshow Freaks. You can see a massive forum post collecting more of Wake’s amazing work, including dioramas of Patrick Bateman’s apartment from American Psycho and multiple Breaking Bad tableaus, here.


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